And into 2011…

Welcome to 2011… not a soccer ball in sight…plenty of water though!! For all of those who spent the festive season swimming with us, today is the first day of sunshine we have had in 2011. As you can see by the picture below, we, like the rest of the country have had huge amounts of rain. In the first four days of January we had over 100mm…. One does begin to envy the ducks their webbed feet!

This didn’t dampen the spirits however! We still managed to play tennis, swim and play on the jumping castle at the pool, go for long walks in the very lush mountains. We have never had quite so many trips tubing on the river as it has been flowing strongly… a couple of nervous moments when Shane disappeared from sight to emerge through the bushes 300m downriver!!
Sadly to say the water is lapping at our swing bridges on the Little Caledon. The power of the high water has pulled the chemical bolts out of the rocks and bent all the iron stays, so the wood slats and cables are still there but hanging at a superman angle. Hopefully once the waters recede we will be able to rebuild.

We must have known the weather was going to be just so….. all the staff received red rain jackets for Christmas and we became proud parents to four young Emu’s – birds with necks that will keep their heads above water! They are very nervous at present but have made firm friends with the ducks and geese.

Duck (not ours!) and Cherry Pies were on the menu for Christmas and New years eve and a wonderful evening of everyone learning how to Dance with the Wyndford Stars! was had by all.

Father Christmas had no trouble finding our Chimney; maybe this had to do with the fact that we had to send last minute urgent letters (via email) to Santa to let him know which little people were on holiday with us. Cassidy encountered Father Christmas for the first time ever and gave him a run for his money on the fashion stakes!

A reminder for the energetic among you that the Surrender Hill Marathon takes place on the weekend of the 4th – 6th March in the Fouriesburg Clarens area.

On behalf of the Wyndford Family
We would wish you and yours a 2011 filled to overflowing with…..
Real joy and uninhibited laughter; Perfect peace and contentment,
Excitement and Special surprises; Hope for Great tomorrows, And God’s Richest blessings!