One benefit of the terrible fires over the winter, is that the Eastern Free State is now wonderfully green, combine that with the sandstone colours and it is rather spectacular. (Add a few puffy white clouds and clear blue skies and you have a photographer’s dream!) Recent guests visiting the area for the first time were amazed at how beautiful it is!

We have A Duckling…long may she last! As you probably know our ducks are not the best parents. The geese on the other hand are thriving as usual. We have three new pigs… unfortunately Pork chop and his lady are so large ne’er the twain shall meet, so no piglets forthcoming. Dandy has been having riding lessons (yes even horses have to learn!) and will soon be confident enough to take the next generation of Wyndford cowboys and girls up and down the drive.

We are still working on the additional bicycle route up the top of what used to be the Mast. George and I have recently joined the cycling conclave, right at the bottom of the pile (there could be a pun in there)…. I now understand why cycle pants are padded. I must say I prefer down hills and slight bends and do not do sharp corners! It is the only sport we can manage together and I tend to giggle all the way, presumably that will stop once the nerves are overcome!

After watching on in panic recently, while Shane enthusiastically removed a Puff Adder who had wondered in, we decided that for all of our peace of mind, it would be great for him to go on a training course. Up to Johannesburg he went, and spent the day learning about identifying, treatment and handling venomous snakes. He came back with great respect for the snake and a more cautious and educated approach. For those of you who have walked with him, yes, he does still look under all the rocks…

Information overload, could be one way to describe my month of traveling! Learning by osmosis… seeing how various establishments operate, present food, host people, make beds, market themselves…and more. My head is brimming with ideas and as well as points to be aware of. Watching people was another interesting observation, to see how people are living today and what a ‘holiday’ means, and then hopefully we can provide a better service. Of course there are also the simple lessons like ‘do not try to apply permanent lip colour on a London tube or while driving on some South African roads…’

Talking of roads, after doing nearly 3300 kms round South Africa we can report that there are road works with holding periods all over. They are still busy with the Villiers Frankfort section from Joburg as well as the section through Golden Gate over Oliviershoek Pass road past Sterkfontein Dam. Delays also from Rouxville to Ladybrand in the Free State.

It is hard to believe that we are nearly at December. The time of year to chill out with family and friends and regroup. If you have not planned anything yet, there is still some availability – take a few days out to give Moms a ‘cooking free’ holiday, kids a ‘free range’ holiday and dads a …well there is the bicycle route, a great book from the library, lots of good food…..

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing many of you shortly
Stay well, best regards from
The Wyndford Team
PS Since writing, we have become the proud owners of 10 strapping new quackers, who make our old ducks look like featherweights!