Maybe it’s just me, but the years seem to be going by faster and faster….here we are at March already when it seems that we just arrived in 2010!

Let me start by suggesting a new direction… as posted on our blog this morning, I have twice traveled the road to Joburg and back in the last week via Reitz, Frankfort and Villiers and it is our suggestion that the road via Warden is a better option at present.

The potholes on the section from Villiers to Frankfort have claimed many tyres and we only recommend this route should you wish to put your 4×4 to the test…. for all others, from Joburg continue on the N3 to Warden and then onto Bethlehem. Safe and happy traveling!

Looking out the window from the ‘Hub’ as I write this – the office is being given a facelift – (come to think of it, the office gets a facelift and Ponte gets regular pedicures…..I must be doing something wrong!). Anyway back to gazing out the window….it is a misty overcast day with the purple Maluti mountains in the background. George is off on the ‘twin bridges’ walk (yes, great news but rather miffed as he was informed that only long trousers from now on – no more shorts!).

We sadly have to report that Mr Squirrel has obviously decided to move on to greener (or higher) pastures as he is no longer in residence at the bottom of the road. We have acquired a peacock and peahen pair, who have spent the last few weeks becoming acquainted with all the other feathered residents who were not impressed with the new arrivals – you don’t want to know how much noise 90 chickens 10 ducks and 15 geese can make!!! We are hoping the geese and ducks will teach them where they are and are not allowed to go – otherwise the adoption will not be finalized!

Buttercup had her first baby on Wednesday – much to everyone’s surprise! We knew she was pregnant but not that it was due quite yet. We had to go up and fetch ‘Junior’ from the bicycle trail and mother and son are doing well.

Along with the hurrying year, one realizes that summer is drawing to a close. Some of the poplar trees are already turning. The roses along the bowling green have at last decided to flower (after two years of abstinence?!) and we are still waiting for the figs…….

Once again a reminder that Wyndford rates will not be inflated over the World Cup, the only difference is that the Senior Discount does not apply over this period but the 20% discount for a four night stay or longer still applies – bookings are rolling in so don’t leave it too late if you do not want to be ‘red carded’.

Waiting for your call or email
Until then, stay well,
Best regards from the Wyndford Team