Well, here we are nearly to Christmas and the end of 2009.

Our November newsletter got sidelined with the general rush, Cherry festival and jam making. Unfortunately, not with our own fruit which was blown away by an icey wind in September although hopefully we will have some figs soon…

We have two new calves, Ace (yes she is completely black but we couldn’t call her Blackjack…) and Pearl, so named by Hamish, as he was up every morning at 6 waiting for her to arrive, and because of her white drop marking on her forehead.

After the scatty season with the quackers, we had three mothers sitting on eggs but have unfortunately only managed to get two to the teenager stage. Unlike the geese and hens, they are the most dreadful moms.

The ‘Piet-my-Vrou’ has been desperately yelling all morning, and how we would love some rain but unlike a few weeks ago when the garden looked amazingly lush, it is very dry and a little crisp around the edges. We did the bicycle trail and back along the river road this morning and had many gasping guests heading straight for the pool after tea. This afternoon the twin bridges walk is planned and hopefully a little cooler in the shade.

The river is so low at present that it seems impossible that a few short weeks ago we were able to take guests tubing, in a rather muddy Caledon River.

After our annual assessment by the AA we have now been awarded the title of Highly Recommended Accommodation instead of the previous Recommended Accommodation. I think that the newly revamped dining room had a lot to do with this decision!

Christmas decorations are up and everything is in place – hopefully, for a great holiday period – trusting that the weather and Eskom all behave. Father Christmas has the address, the turkey is ready (no not one of ours)and we have dusted off the midnight oil for New years when we are going to celebrate the night with “Wyndford’s Got Talent”!! Wish you were here.

There is still place available for the last few days before schools go back for all of you with little people, and for the oldies…the 30% discount will once again be available after the 12th January 2010.

Until then, stay well,
We wish you a special Christmas and a Winning 2010!
Best regards from the Wyndford Team