Greetings from a chilly Wyndford!

Yes, our temperatures have taken a dive and the last two weeks we have had 5 degree mornings and cooler evenings. Beautiful sunny days are the norm and the countryside is in full Autumn uniform. Tall Poplar trees are all stunningly yellow and our Liquid Amber trees are in all shades of yellow, oranges, brilliant reds to dark burgundy – a great show alongside the church.

We had our first baby dedicated at the church last week, which was very special as mom and her family had been coming to Wyndford for many years and she was married here last year. Great to meet the next generation of Wyndford children…needless to say there was also a queue of baby sitters in the kitchen!

We are desperately trying to squeeze a few more growing weeks out of the vegetable garden before the ground becomes frozen hard. The horses are all looking fat and furry with their winter coats on. Unfortunately, Dozer having developed some spectacular dreadlocks due to the burrs and grasses which were impossible to get clear with a brush, had to be shaved to clear them all off. He was very unimpressed with us but is looking better.

We are once again Finalists in the AA Awards program and Celvin and Angelique are going down to the ceremony in Durban as Wyndford representatives on the 10th May 2009. We have been finalists for the last few years and yet to be winners so hold thumbs with us!

Shane and Patricia are off on leave shortly, which means the new industry at Wyndford – stick making – will come to a halt for a while. Lindy and George are trying to find a gap to visit Kirsty and Josh in London at some stage – the good news is that you are all keeping us busy! We do appreciate your support.

We have a new ginger puss (looks like a junior Garfield!) with white socks and a great engine…called ‘Wyndford’. He was an SPCA cat which we couldn’t leave behind….. so now he lives in our staff lounge or office and is very spoilt. (He can also clear a room very quickly when he uses his turbo boost!)

Remember that the June July holiday period is not in season, so the discounts do apply. Get your bookings in soon to ensure that you will not be disappointed. Our draw winner this month is Dianne Kilan. We look forward to being able to give you a warm Wyndford welcome, hearty food and great time round the fire, remembering that at Wyndford there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet!

Hoping to hear from you soon
Have a great day
Best regards from us all at Wyndford